Meet Iris!

ImageWell, I figured since I introduced Patrick to you (who doesn’t actually show up in the story until several chapters in), I’d better introduce the main character as well – Iris.  The picture is of the girl from my school who plays Iris’s character in the book trailer, and she’s done an excellent job!  Not only does she fit the look of the part, but she’s also an amazing actress!  Thanks Brooklyn!!!  I had a hard time choosing a good section as a sneak peak for her character, so I went with the very beginning of the first chapter.  Enjoy!


I stood motionless in the nearly empty hallway, staring at the silver doorknob in front of me as if it were my enemy. On the outside, I probably looked like a sullen child who hated junior English. Inside, I was desperately trying to find the nerve to extend my arm, grab the metal object, and twist.

I managed to execute the first two steps without dying and was about to complete the third, but a dark fluttering caught my eye to my left. The murky fog wavered and sloshed around the corner after a girl in a pink top and exceptionally short black skirt.

“Not helping,” I muttered under my breath. Frustrated, I returned my attention to my hand whose knuckles had turned white from gripping too firmly. I sighed and gave the doorknob a twist.

“Hey, birthday girl!” Lexi yelled as the bell blared through the speakers. Her enthusiastic greeting seemed to merge with the high-pitched tone and reverberated around the entire room.

I ducked my head, hurried past the front of the classroom, and hoped nobody heard her. On my way, I flashed her a big-eyed, stern look with an implied “Shh!”

I’d hated my birthday since I was fourteen, three years ago. I certainly didn’t need any added attention or stares to make me more on edge or paranoid. Luckily, no one noticed.

I sidestepped down the aisle to my desk with a heavy frown that failed to discourage her and settled into my seat. After a few moments of blatant avoidance on my part just for good measure, I reluctantly turned to face her. I was met with a wide-eyed, expectant grin. Her energetic spirit refused to be quenched.

“So are you ready for the big party tomorrow? Nicole’s going all out, you know.”

Despite my anxious mood, I laughed at my friend’s unwarranted excitement. The so-called “big party” for my birthday tomorrow night would only consist of the three of us. “Um…sure.” Truthfully, I was dreading it.


~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on January 22, 2012.

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  1. I love it so far, can’t wait.

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