Fun Friday: If You’re Bored…

It’s summer, and what does that mean for a lot of people (mainly students)?  Boredom.  While growing up with my siblings, we learned very quickly never to tell our mother we were bored.  If we did, she would then find some random chores for us to do.  Not exactly the best cure for boredom.

So…if you’re bored, here are 5 fun exciting things you can do that are also cheap!

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any negative consequences or troubles you may mind yourself in that occur as a result of your carrying out any or all of these ideas.

1.  Elevator Fun!  Go with a friend to anywhere that has an elevator and try out some or all of these:


2.  Scavenger Hunt!  Get a couple of teams together and do a scavenger hunt (in the mall, Wal-Mart, a park, etc.).  You could collect things, take pictures of things, or take videos of you doing things.  Or all of the above!  Beware, most stores aren’t too keen on picture-taking…just sayin’.  Google ideas for scavenger hunts, and you should find a plethora of ideas.

3.  Dollar Menu Dinner Hop!  Okay I just made that name up, but it sounds like fun!  Gather up some friends in 1 car and drive around to different fast-food restaurants.  Go through their drive-thrus and order only one item each from each dollar menu, eating it on the way to the next stop, until you’ve had a full-course meal.  You would probably want to start with a drink and end with dessert.  Alternatively, you could go inside each restaurant or maybe just the last one with dessert.

4.  Pie at the Lake!  My sister, our friends, and I used to do this in high school, so it has a happy place in my heart. If you’re not near a lake, go to a park or something.  Basically, we’d go to the store together in the evening or at night, buy a cheap frozen chocolate cream pie, plastic spoons, and some drinks, and then head out to the lake.  We would hang out and just talk for a while until the pie became thawed enough to hack into it with our spoons, all at once – no plates.  Yes, I know it’s not the most sanitary thing to do, but we were friends and we were young.  We didn’t care.

5.  People Watching Games!  Go to the mall or another crowded place with some friends and people watch.  But make a game out of it.  Like…Find the color blue.  Find the best hairdo.  Guess their professions.  Guess their names.  Make up stories of their lives, whether soap operas, action/thrillers, or fairytales.  Make up a fantasy wardrobe out of people’s clothing.  Of course, all of these games are nice.  I’m sure you could come up with some ones that aren’t quite as nice…I’m just not going to condone them here.


~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on June 29, 2012.

5 Responses to “Fun Friday: If You’re Bored…”

  1. When I was young a favorite thing to do with a friend after dark was to lie out on the back (back windshield/trunk) of a car and just watch the stars and listen to the sounds of the night. Also a great environment for those long talks about anything.

  2. I love these!!!

  3. The elevator games gave a good laugh. I might try those sometime!! hahah.

  4. Gave me*. oops!lol I love reading your blogs by the way!

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