Musa Monday: Review for Persephone by Kaitlin Bevins

Persephone was another book I won from Musa Publishing, and I was so excited to read it I had her send me the pre-copy a few days before it came out.  Just from seeing the cover and reading the synopsis, I could tell it was right up my alley and a book I would definitely enjoy.  I was not disappointed!  Below is the cover art (click on it to buy) and the synopsis with my review following.  Also, check out the trailer I made for the book at the end!

There are worse things than death, worse people too

The “talk” was bad enough, but how many teens get told that they’re a goddess? When her mom tells her, Persephone is sure her mother has lost her mind. It isn’t until Boreas, the god of winter, tries to abduct her that she realizes her mother was telling the truth. Hades rescues her, and in order to safely bring Persephone to the Underworld he marks her as his bride. But Boreas will stop at nothing to get Persephone. Despite her growing feelings for Hades, Persephone wants to return to the living realm. Persephone must find a way to defeat Boreas and reclaim her life.

My Review:

I absolutely loved this book for so many reasons…

One of the most obvious to me is its genre and subject matter – both of which I love.  I guess it would technically be considered a young adult paranormal or young adult paranormal romance.  Either way, I love those types of stories.  If you like that genre, you will love this too as it has the same type of unique, fantastical characters with awesome powers and a fun, exciting young adult-type romance.  It’s also a modern retelling of Greek mythology, which makes for very interesting subject matter (loved the Percy Jackson series).  But the way she tells the story is very unique and creative.

Another reason this book is amazing is plot and pace.  The plot was clever with lots of twists and turns and had plenty of action, romance, or sometimes both simultaneously, to keep the reader interested and intrigued.  It crescendoed just at the right time to an awesome climax and had a great resolution…complete with cliffhanger, of course.  I won’t hold a grudge, though.  I guess I can wait for the sequel.  Maybe.

Lastly, the way she wrote drew me in from the very first paragraph (see below).  Kaitlin is great at drawing her reader into the realms she’s created by describing everything so fully and interestingly.  She’s especially great with her dialogue.  With as much dialogue as this book has, it would be easy for some of it to end up coming across as dry, plain, or without inflection or tone.  However, Kaitlin managed to convey every word and sentence uniquely in a way that helps the reader understand how the characters look, how they sound, and how they feel.  And since the world she’s created is so fun and interesting, who wouldn’t want to get drawn into it to hang around and play with the characters?

All in all, this is a fantastic book that you won’t want to put down!  If you like stories in this genre, you can’t go wrong.

Excerpt from chapter 1:


I hunched over, doing my best to ignore the sound of my name being whispered on the wind. It curled around me in a sensu- ous breeze. Once I would have turned around, tried to find whoever said my name. Now I knew better. There was no one there. There was never anyone there.


~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on July 9, 2012.

6 Responses to “Musa Monday: Review for Persephone by Kaitlin Bevins”

  1. Sounds like a winner. I loved the excerpt. Great cover too! Congrats to Kaitlin Persephone!

  2. Wonderful review, Dusty! Sounds like an excellent book to recommend!

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  4. Thanks Mclesh! Thanks Dusty! I’m glad you enjoyed it 😀

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