Teen Tuesday: Girl Power…Over Men

This Thursday, the girls and I will be talking about Girl Power – but not the kind you think.  I have a feeling this week’s discussion will be very lively and fun!  Read on, and you’ll see what I mean.  🙂

The phrase Girl Power has often had such a positive connotation among girls and women alike.  The feeling of unity among our gender in the face of hardships known only to women and opposition with men telling us we can’t is comforting.  Obviously, we need that.  Girlfriends are so dearly important for any girl, but especially Christians in our daily walk together.  We need each other.

That kind of girl power is not what I’m talking about here.  There is an unhealthy type of girl power that many of us, sometimes knowingly, sometimes unknowingly, use unfairly towards the opposite sex.  The three ways we’re going to discuss in which women use this type of power are immodest clothing, flirting or trying to be sexy, and sexting.  These things make us feel power over men, but at what cost to us and them?  It’s important to note that all three of these things no doubt have other causes behind them as well.  A sense of power over men isn’t the only reason we do them.  But it is a big part of it.  Either way, we need to discuss how the media makes it seem like it’s okay to act and dress this way, why it’s not, and how we can do things differently.

Think about what all three acts have in common – dressing immodestly, flirting in a sexy way, and sexting.  Why do we do these things?  Many would say to get attention, and I would have to agree.  We want attention from the opposite sex.  But another related reason is that when we get that type of attention from guys, it makes us feel like we’ve one-upped them somehow.  Like we now have the power in the relationship.  Almost like we have them baited with a hook in their gaping mouths and can yank them around anywhere we want.  But is that right?  What is the cost to us and our reputation, and what is the cost to the guys we are controlling?













In our discussion, we will go over each one of these acts, discussing the media’s role and the why’s and why not’s.  We will also get into what constitutes immodest clothing and why girls are into sexting.  In the end, what it all boils down to is what is God’s view on the topic?

Please feel free to add a comment with your thoughts, examples in the media that promote immodest clothing, flirting sexually, and/or sexting, or Bible verses on the topic.  Thanks!


~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on July 10, 2012.

2 Responses to “Teen Tuesday: Girl Power…Over Men”

  1. I think somehow the enemy has us believing some lies in this regard. Many females may feel they need a sense of power over men due to abuse they experienced from them early in life. (like this will help them feel safe somehow–LIE–that’s not where safety comes from and this type of behavior, in fact, draws in the type of man who has a habit of using and abusing)
    Many gals may just want the attention because it helps them believe they actually are beautiful/attractive since they struggle with low self-esteem/image (another LIE–because the sense of “I really must be beautiful because he’s noticed me” never lasts. The doubts return quickly and there’s always one more guy to seduce in order to get the euphoric,yet fleeting, “high”).
    I think many gals have the impression that there are only so many men to go around, so we must be in competition with other females for the male’s attention and eventual romantic commitment. And the best way to get their attention is through physical/sexual beauty and attractiveness–(LIE–I’m not saying not to take care of your physical appearance but dressing immodestly and flirting around will typically not draw in the man that is looking for a “good woman” to settle down with. It usually attracts guys that are interested only in quick and casual sex. And over-exposing and flirting is read by most guys as “this gal’s wanting what I want–quick and casual sex with no commitments.”) The nice thing about the “competition” issue is that God wants to be in charge. He will bring his children together in pairings of his choosing and in his time. There doesn’t have to be any competition.
    We come by this false assumption honestly from the media. I fear that most romantic movies portray one or another version of the female dressing provocatively and flirting to one degree or another. And in the end of the movie the guy does succomb to her charm and wants to be with her FOREVER. No wonder we buy into it so readily. But these movies never show the divorce rate for such a pairing, because, frankly, that doesn’t sell movie tickets. $$

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