Fun Friday Jokes!

These are 3 of my favorites growing up.  Feel free to add your own favorite as a comment (just make sure it’s fairly clean, please)!  We all need a good laugh every now and then.  🙂

Have you ever heard of the agnostic, dyslexic, insomniac?…He stayed up all night wondering if there really was a dog.

Joe Bob died and met St. Peter at the gates of heaven.  Peter said, “To get into heaven, you must answer one question.  What is the true meaning of Easter?”  Joe Bob said, “Isn’t that the one with the big guy in red and everyone gets presents?”  St. Peter shook his head.  “Wait, wait,” Joe Bob said.  “Let me try again.  Um, is it where everyone dresses up and gets candy?”  “No,” Peter said.  “Wait, one more chance!” Joe Bob pleaded.  He closed his eyes for a moment concentrating, saying each word as it came to him.  “Okay.  Isn’t it where Jesus is in the tomb…”  St. Peter nodded his head encouragingly.  “And the stone rolls away…”  Peter’s eyes grew wide and he nodded even more emphatically.  “And he comes out…”  Peter was about to say, “That’s it!” but Joe Bob wasn’t finished.  “And if he sees his shadow…”

(another heaven joke) Billy died and went to heaven, and St. Peter was showing him around the place.  Billy kept seeing all these clocks everywhere, some large, some small, some moving fairly fast and others barely moving at all.  Eventually, he worked up the nerve to ask St. Peter about them.  “Excuse me, but what are all these clocks for?”   St. Peter answered.  “Everyone down there has a clock.  Whenever they have an impure thought, the second hand ticks forward.”  “Oh,” said Billy.  “Where’s my clock?  Can I see it?”  “Sure!” Peter said.  “It’s in the rec room.  We were using it as a fan.”


~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on July 20, 2012.

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