Musa Monday: Keeper of Directions

(Yes, I know it’s Sunday, but I’m leaving today for a youth conference in Missouri (CIY – Christ in Youth).  I won’t be back until Friday.  So…I’m posting Monday’s post today, probably going to skip Tuesday’s this week (our girls study is postponed too), and then get Friday’s posted in the evening.  Actually, I’ll probably combine Teen Tuesday with Fun Friday and use the youth for input as we drive home!)

Okay, on with today’s post!  I haven’t read this book myself yet, but I’ve definitely heard good things.  Also, this young adult fantasy has a 10-year old protagonist with Asperger’s Syndrome, so I know it would appeal to anyone who either has that or has a family member that does.  I remember reading from the author about someone who told her she had read this book to her kid who had Asperger’s, except she inserted bis name for the character’s name.  She said he absolutely loved it and that it empowered him in a way, making him see himself as being able to achieve great things.  I love books that inspire people, so it gets my vote!  Click on the cover (which I love!) to view the book trailer and to buy from Musa, and the Synopsis and Excerpt are below.


Kids at school call Lance names like “brainiac” or “autie.” But he’s just a ten-year-old kid with Asperger’s Syndrome. What would they call him if they knew he could grow wings on his back?

After returning from a vacation to the Tower of London, Lance is asked to join a clan of shape-shifting Ravens. The Ravens appoint Lance as “Keeper of Directions,” which means he must learn how to decipher the prophetic “Book” that keeps the natural world in balance. But when he discovers the Ravens are in the midst of war preparations, he has second thoughts. What if he messes up and the Earth tilts on its axis and goes spinning off into space?


Outside, a thick fog rolled in and out of the trees. Lance and Vivi made their way down the trail to the beach and sat on the sand. Lance swung the backpack from his back, setting it down beside him.
Vivi stretched her legs out in front of her. Her hand to her brow, she looked out into the fog. “Wow, it’s really thick.” She picked up a small rock and tossed it. “I’ve always loved the fog.” Then Vivi reached her hand up and brushed at her leg. “Hey, something just touched my leg,” she said.
 “Told you not to wear shorts in this weather,” Lance said, looking into the fog. “Maybe it was a shore crab or a sand flea.”
The fog swirled in a wave of clouds along the beach. Lance brushed his hand against his arm. “Hey, I felt it too. Nope,” he said, “It’s not a sand flea. It’s like the fog has fingers. Weird, weird.”
Vivi shuddered, wrapping her arms around her knees. “Well, I used to like the fog,” she said. Suddenly, Vivi jumped up and pointed in the direction of the water. “Lance did you see that?”
Lance stumbled to his feet and squinted, looking out into the fog. “What? I don’t see anything. Your mind is playing tricks on you.”
“Well, pinch me. I saw someone.”
 Lance pinched her arm.
 “Ow! Hey, I didn’t mean it. I was…never mind.” She shook her head and lowered her voice. “I saw someone,” she whispered.
“Why are you whispering?” Lance said too loud.
“I don’t know, but I think I saw something or someone.”
Then at once, both of them noticed first one, then two, three, four people moving through the fog, walking parallel along the beach. Lance leaned in further. No, they aren’t people. It’s fog in the shape of people moving along the beach. “Hey, I think they….I think the fog is people. The people are fog.”
 The shadows in the fog walked by them. “I don’t even think they know we’re here,” Vivi said. Just then, one of the forms turned, making direct eye contact. “Holy crapacreepy,” Vivi said, clasping a hand to her mouth.
Lance stared at her.
“What?” Vivi said. “I gave up swearing.”
“Sounds like you’re swearing to me,” he said, stepping forward. Maybe we should check it out. Scientists are curious, right? I could investigate something. “Hey, let’s see where they’re going. We’ll walk down the beach.” Lance picked up his backpack from the sand and struggled putting it on his back.
Vivi remained wide-eyed. Lance turned and grabbed her by the sleeve. “Come On,” he said. “Come on.”



~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on July 22, 2012.

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  1. Compelling excerpt! Best of luck, L.K. Mitchell.

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