Teen Tuesday – “If you’re not tolerant, you’re a hater”

Disclaimer: I know I have several readers who may not have the same beliefs as me on this topic.  These are my opinions as a follower of Christ on a topic I think fits in the media discussion group I’ve been leading with the girls from my youth group.  If you don’t have the same beliefs, feel free not to read the post.  Thank you.

The way homosexuality is seen today and the way it is portrayed in the media has completely changed over the last few decades, even in the last few years.  Some of the changes have been for the better.  I feel like there has been a decrease in “homophobia” and less hatefullness towards homosexuals, and that is obviously a good thing.  I am never for any type of violence or hate towards anyone.  We, as Christians, are called to love everyone no matter what their beliefs, skin color, socio-economic status, or sexual orientation.

However, I think that with more and more people being openly gay and with the media showing it more and more as normal and acceptable, there has been another trend that, as a Christian, I am not too happy about.  First, Homosexuality is becoming so normal and accepted that young people, even Christians, are seeing this lifestyle as okay when it clearly states otherwise in the Bible and goes against Jesus’ teachings.  With TV shows like Will and Grace, Glee, and The Modern Family, this former taboo sin is now portrayed, especially to young people who have known nothing else, as normal and part of life.  And if it’s normal, why not accept it.  (I know that other sins like getting drunk, drugs, sexual sin, etc. are seen all over television too, but if you haven’t gathered by now…I’m against that as well.)

Second, those of us who are trying to hold to our beliefs that homosexuality is a sin (not being mean or shoving it in people’s faces, but just not agreeing with those with different beliefs) are seen as “haters” or in the very least, behind the times and uncool.  Any time Christians are portrayed in the media concerning homosexuality, we are seen as hateful protestors, or snobs that shove our “holier than thou” attitudes in their faces, or we simply tell them they’re going to hell (ex. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry).  This frustrates me to no end!  Most of us are not like that!  Those that are give Christians and Jesus a bad name.  God called us to love people while still not condoning their sin.  We are to follow his perfect example.  I wish the media would portray Christians accurately, and show that there is a way to approach homosexuality like Jesus approached sin.

I know many people in our modern society would see these changes and think we’re headed in the right direction.  That we’re becoming more civilized.  Everyone is so focused on being tolerant these days.  Let’s not step on anyone’s toes and make sure everyone’s happy.  Problem is – you can’t make everyone happy, because people have different opinions and beliefs that often can’t co-exist.  But being tolerant does not mean you are loving, and having different opinions does not mean you’re a hater.  Jesus was not tolerant of sin, but he loved everyone.  This is what we are called to do.  Love people, but don’t accept their sin because you want to fit in or because it seems like the normal thing to do.  Stand up for what you believe in.  If you believe in Jesus and the Bible, then you believe that homosexuality is wrong – plain and simple.


~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on August 8, 2012.

2 Responses to “Teen Tuesday – “If you’re not tolerant, you’re a hater””

  1. Excellent commentary Dusty!

  2. Well said.

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