Fun Friday Tips!

Okay, so maybe today’s post wouldn’t exactly be considered “fun” by most, but it just might make you feel like Wonder Woman!  Haha!

I recently put something on Facebook about how my husband commented on how well I managed my time.  I’m not perfect by any means, but a few people said I should share my wisdom.  Lol!  Honestly, the thing that has helped me the most is a new way I’ve done my To-Do Lists.  I’m a list person.  It just comes with being a perfectionist and organizational freak.  However, I often have things on my list that just stay there forever, not getting done.  Even simple house cleaning things seem to get forgotten.  Sometimes the list is so long it seems overwhelming and I just give up and don’t do any of it.  Can anyone relate?

When the end of summer was near and I still had several things on my Summer To-Do list, not to mention I was still trying to balance writing with daily household duties, I decided to start a day-by-day, weekly To-Do list.  I wrote down the days of the week on a small dry-erase board and divvied up some of the items among the days.  Each day only had a few, manageable amount of things to do, so when I looked at the days list, I didn’t feel so overwhelmed.  Plus, there’s nothing like erasing off each item once it’s done!

I also found that having this dry-erase To-Do list helped me not to forget to do other things besides chores or errands.  Whenever I thought of what I needed to do, I added to the board things like calling people for various things, setting up appointments, typing up something I needed, etc.  It has helped me so much by keeping me on track and easing some stress.  When you have things planned out, even when they’re not done, you feel a little better and more in control of your chaotic life and possibly messy house.  🙂


~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on August 10, 2012.

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