Musa Monday – Perchance to Dream

This is probably the first book I’m promoting that’s not from our Euterpe young adult group, but under the Urania – Speculative Fiction (kind of like fantasy) category.  The concept drew me in as well as the awesome tagline, and I’m super excited to read it…when I get the time of course.  The reason I think it seems so interesting is because it sounds a lot like Inception, and I LOVED that movie!!!  The whole idea of it just blew me away.  I also saw a review for this book on goodreads that said it reminded them of Inception and The Matrix but wasn’t a clone of either.  I loved the Matrix (well, the first one anyway) also, so I can tell I would love this book.  Click on the cover to buy the book.  Below is the synopsis and an excerpt.  Go check it out and then tell me what you think!

When dreams and reality collide, nightmares prevail.

The Boston Police Sub-Net unit is an experimental department that lets cops invade the subconscious minds of criminals via their dreams, where they unearth criminal plans and gather information.  In the Net, special dream cops can fly, conjure weapons, fight like a martial arts master, and render themselves indestructible.

Officer Manuel Corr is the best of the best.  Until one night while on patrol, when the dream world around him suddenly collapses.  Trapped in an ever-changing dreamscape that he no longer controls, he must fight his way back to reality.  To make matters worse, the people who were once his criminal targets have turned the tables on him, and the world of dreams becomes a nightmare he can’t wake up from.

Manuel discovers that an organized crime network has taken over the Sub-Net, and if they can’t recruit him, they want him dead.


“What can I get you?” the waitress asked as she poured him a steaming cup of coffee.

“Pie. Apple.”

She turned on her heel and strutted away to the dessert case.

“That’s not very imaginative. I’d expect a little more from someone who is supposedly so talented.” The comment came from behind him. It was a gravelly voice that whispered with evil. It was Blackeyes.

Manuel swiveled back around. “I’m sorry?”

The man’s solid stare was unnerving, but he decided to see what this apparition was about before he made it disappear. Sometimes Manuel could learn a lot about himself from his own subconscious visions.

“I’m just saying that, of all the things to order, apple pie is so droll considering you can get anything imaginable.”

Manuel held his arms out. “This is a diner. They have diner food here.”

Blackeyes smirked slightly. “Really?” He waved his hand to the waitress as she was delivering Manuel’s pie. “Miss, I’d like the sautéed alligator tail with a side of passion fruit chutney.”

The waitress scribbled on her pad. “You want anything to drink?”

“I’d like to try a glass of 1936 Château De Pluma. But just a glass, not the whole bottle.” She tore off the sheet from her pad and posted it on the order wheel behind her.

Manuel smiled. “So what are you here for? To remind me that I’m boring and that I need to get out more? I’m already aware of those shortcomings.”

Blackeyes smiled broadly, exposing stained teeth that drew a contrast to his ultra-white complexion. His skin pulled even tighter against his cheek bones as he squinted. “No, Mr. Bizmark sent me here to explain a few things to you.”

The doors at both ends of the diner opened. From the far entrance, a tall, broad-shouldered woman entered, wearing a frumpy summer dress and sporting a raggedy, overgrown beard. The bearded lady was accompanied by a hairless man covered in tattoos and body piercings. At the near entrance, a set of Siamese twins connected at the waist waddled through the door and stood at attention, with all four arms crossed.

Manuel looked at Blackeyes inquisitively. “Is the circus in town?”

“These are some of my friends. We all work for Mr. Bizmark.”

“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you all. But you’re in my world, and Mr Bizmark doesn’t call the shots here. I do.”

With that, Manuel drew two oversized, semi-automatic handguns from shoulder holsters that hadn’t existed previously. He aimed one to each side and pulled the triggers repeatedly, creating nothing more than a couple of clicking sounds. His calm, somewhat arrogant demeanour evaporated. Not possible, he thought to himself.

“Why don’t you sit down with me and act more civilized.” Blackeyes waved toward the bench on the other side of his booth.


~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on August 13, 2012.

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