Teen Tuesday – Aspiring to be like Katniss

With The Hunger Games movie out now and it being all the rage, and since I am in love with the whole book series and movie, I thought I’d write about a recent blog post I read on Brant Hansen’s blog from Air 1.  He said how all girls seem to want to be Katniss these days and that he doesn’t blame them.  The movie and books are really about Katniss versus the Capital – a dystopian culture.  It isn’t hard to see the correlation between the Capital’s culture and ours.  Just like them, we are materialistic, selfish, uncaring (or, in the very least, thoughtless) of others that are less fortunate, pleasure-seeking, and in love with violent entertainment.  The desire to be like Katniss, then, reveals an inner nonconformist nature that craves righteousness and wants to rebel against the corrupt, self-serving ways of our society.

Aside from that, Katinss displays numerous commendable qualities like hard-working, protective, loyal, loving, and genuine.  People can say The Hunger Games is violent and not good for teens all they want, but if I had a teenage girl, I’d be thrilled if she read The Hunger Games and identified with such an admirable heroine.

If you haven’t read the series yet, READ IT!  Then go watch the movie.

Click here to go to the original post on Brant’s blog.  He was far more eloquent than I was.  🙂


~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on August 21, 2012.

One Response to “Teen Tuesday – Aspiring to be like Katniss”

  1. Great post, Dusty! I’m reading the series, and just watched the movie. Love the way Suzanne Collins has given our young adult girls something that they desperately needed! Cheers!

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