Teen Tuesday – Is Chivalry Dead?

I recently asked my senior English class to choose a few aspects of the code of chivalry and explain why or why not our society abides by them anymore.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Not only did I get insightful, thought-provoking ideas and thoughts on the subject, but I also got to see a different side of teenagers most people don’t get to see or don’t even realize exists.

Often, people view teens as the worst offenders of the code of chivalry, or anything resembling it.  They’re disrespectful and have no self-control.  They’re liars, cheaters, backstabbers.  They put themselves before others…and so on.  But not all of them are like that.  In fact, many aren’t, and they look on the ones who are giving them a bad name, as well as the rest of our corrupt society, with contempt and shame.  Let me give you a few examples of what they put.

Show respect to authority – our country trash-talks about the authority all the time, so we do not abide by this.

Society has come to know no limitations of their behavior.

Defend the weak and innocent –  That’s who most people pick on.

We don’t have much self-control.  People buy things that they don’t necessarily have the money for.

Avoid cheating is not really followed because in school many people cheat on tests.

Defend weak – Bullying is a big cause in America and people should help others more often.

Exhibit manners – In our society there are some people that have manners, but some people weren’t taught manners or just don’t use them.

Always keep one’s word – People in today’s society don’t keep there word because there is really no punishment on lying.

Be polite and attentive – People are always texting while talking, butting in and interrupting.  Hardly anyone pays attention or listens.

Be respectful of host, women, and honor – In today’s society most people do, but most people don’t see the need for it.

Never betray the confidence of a comrade – We lie to our friends all the time.  Deception and lying is almost a cherished and prized skill.

Few students here exhibit kindness and manners, though some still do (and it’s obvious when they do).

Exhibit self control – In this culture we do not come close to controlling ourselves.  The fact that such things and ideas as “YOLO!” exist proves this.

Our teens want our society to improve.  They want to rebel against the norms of society and avoid the pitfalls to which so many have succumb.  They see the way people behave disrespectfully, dishonorably, carelessly, rudely…how they are self-indulgent and self-centered.  They desire to be better.  It’s up to us to model for them the right path and the right way to live, because it’s one thing to want to be different than the world.  It’s a completely different thing to know how.  How will they ever learn to be different if they are hardly ever given an example to emulate.


~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on September 25, 2012.

3 Responses to “Teen Tuesday – Is Chivalry Dead?”

  1. Love this post, Dusty! Shared and tweeted.

  2. I love to see posts like this because I don’t think it’s dead at all! I encounter more “nice” teens through my own kiddos than “not-so-nice” ones. And even the “not-so-nice” ones have redeeming qualities. Wonderful post, Dusty!

  3. you did good! they are definitely right about what they’re saying!!

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