Teen Tuesday – Any Aspiring Musicians Take Note

It seems like lately I’ve been using some of my students’ work as inspiration for my Teen Tuesday posts.  Since I keep getting great work, why not?  Today is no different.  But I want to not only showcase this student’s poem, but also offer it as inspiration to any aspiring musicians out there…or really anyone aspiring to create things like a musician, writer, poet, artist, etc.  This student hit the nail on the head when he described what a model musician would look like with an amazingly deep and inspiring depiction that could apply to so many other facets of life.

The assignment was to use the Parson description from The Canterbury Tales, which is in rhyming verse form and depicts the model parson, to write their own poem depicting the model __________, telling what they would do, not do, etc.  He chose a musician.  Without further adieu…

The Musician:











Fingers on strings that pull at the heart,

Eyes that perceive what goes on in the dark.

An artisan that paints in the air,

Broadcast from the heart to share.

Speaks out for the widow

that sighs at the window.

Stands against violence towards the weak,

Raises their voice for those too bruised to speak.

Warning their brothers asleep in the culture

That the spiritually dead are food for the vulture,

That the governments that are wrong

Cannot control our lives for long.

As oil paints stain canvases,

Careful words stain audiences.

The best musicians are brave and bold

And share the love their heart cannot hold.

~By Daniel Hembree


~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on October 9, 2012.

One Response to “Teen Tuesday – Any Aspiring Musicians Take Note”

  1. Very insightful–poetic to the core. I can appreciate the effort because I teach college English.

    Mary S. Palmer

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