Teen Tuesday – My students are so creative!

I always love the assignment where I have my freshman create their own figurative language, especially when they write metaphors for tone words.  There are always some that crack me up, and there are some that just flat out blow me away.  I didn’t include all the awesome ones, by the way.  See what you think!   Which ones are your favorites?


My friend is as smart as the world is flat.

My friend is as weird as rain without clouds.

School is like a puppy.  You like it at first, but then you’re sick of it.

School is like watching a boring TV show without the remote.

Home is a zoo at feeding time.

School is a deep chasm tearing your soul slowly from your dying grip. (it was intended to be funny)

The car gasped for fuel.

The TV murdered his train of though.

Cynical is a spotless classroom waiting for children.

Appreciation is a fat tick on a lazy dog.

Quarrelsome is black Friday in a recession.



Home is a reality check that always reminds you of who you are.

The car cried as rain rolled down its windows.

Anger is the sound of a runaway train.

Furious is a wild bear protecting her cubs from danger.

Horrified is a pitch-black hallway with hundreds of open doors.



Brave is a sturdy flag standing through the storm.

Serious is the cold awkward silence in a doctor’s office.

Mournful is sitting in the gray cold fog at a loved one’s grave.

Ominous is a looming, dark storm, blowing in the cold and sorrow.

Hope is a last leaf on a withering tree on a snowy day.

Home is a sweet oasis in the desert we call society.



~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on November 7, 2012.

5 Responses to “Teen Tuesday – My students are so creative!”

  1. Love these, very creative.

  2. WOW! I see why you brag on these kids. They’re awesome!

  3. I’ve always thought young teen years’ creative writing were among the best were we able to bottle them for older writers’ use. They have such quick snaps of colliding expression–yet brevity. You’ve given us many glimpses here. Thank you. They have the audacity and boldness of children tempered with the first seasonings of adult expression.

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