Teen Tuesday – Finding Mr. Right, Part 1


This post is directed to teen girls, so if you know a teen girl that could benefit, share!  🙂  This will be a mini series because it would take way too long to truly delve into all this topic encompasses.  For now I will start with this wise old saying…

Don’t date anyone you wouldn’t consider marrying.

My parents said it, and I rolled my eyes.  I’m sure some of your parents have said it and you did the same.  It sounds lame and corny, but it’s true.  I’m guessing your defense to this would probably be something like, “But I’m just having fun now.  I can always find the good guy I’ll actually marry later.”

To that I have 2 responses: 1) Practice makes perfect.  If you “practice” having relationships with not so great candidates, then you will be so used to choosing bad guys that it will become habit.  You may even be drawn to them and/or not recognize the good guys when they come along.  2) If one of your “not-so-great” relationships turns into something serious with serious emotions and commitment, you aren’t going to be so ready and willing to ditch that person just because you suddenly realize it’s time to think about marriage and, oops, he doesn’t fit the bill.

Choose well now!  If you can’t find anybody worthy, wait.  I have a good friend in our youth group, a senior, who has never dated anyone – never even had a first kiss, and she is perfectly content with that fact.  Does she want a boyfriend eventually?  Sure.  Does she still think about guys all the time like every other normal girl?  Of course.  But she’s content with waiting until God brings along something worthy enough for a serious relationship.  God is enough for her for now, and He’s enough for you.

Also, if you’re saying, “I’ve looked and there just aren’t any good guys out there,” I can’t say for your exact location because I don’t know where you live, but I promise there are good guys still out there in the world.  I know, because my husband is one of them.  Sometimes I can’t fathom how lucky I am.  Some of the good guys, especially teens, need a little encouragement, though, to show their true selves.  Some need a good girl to make them want to be that better man that is truly inside of them.  They may have just had some negative influences around them telling them that the world’s expectations for them are super low and that it’s okay to just be like everybody else instead of the man God has called them to be.  They’ll get there.  Some are already well on their way.  (Keep in mind, I’m talking about guys that are already good but just need encouragement, not bad guys you’re hoping will change.)

So, keep your eyes open, girls, and be content to wait.  As long as you keep your heart focused on what really matters (hint – it’s not guys), you will be fine.  🙂


~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on January 8, 2013.

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