Teen Tuesday – Homework causes lying?

In preparation for Romeo and Juliet, I had my freshman write paragraphs stating whether or not lying to parents is ever justified, using examples.  I have gotten some very interesting answers to say the least, but this one just cracked me up.  She turned it into a persuasive argument for teachers!  I’m pretty sure she committed several fallacies in her argument, but whatever…  (By the way, the transitions were given in an 8-sentence paragraph format to help them, although they didn’t have to use them.)

Lying to parents is okay sometimes.  For example, if I don’t wanna do my work after school, all I gotta say is I don’t have any homework.  This means that I don’t like my homework.  As a result, I really hate lying to my dad but I really hate homework.  Furthermore, don’t give out homework and I won’t lie.  This shows that homework makes a lot of kids lie to their parents  This further shows that if we don’t have homework, we don’t have to lie.  Overall, don’t give out homework anymore.


So are you laughing yet or shaking your head?  I think I did both.  🙂


~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on January 15, 2013.

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