Teen Tuesday – Finding Mr. Right Part 2

It’s been a while since I last talked about this subject, but I think it’s time for part 2.  Last time, I talked about how you should never date someone you can’t see yourself marrying.  Now, I want to make sure your vision of who you could see yourself marrying is a healthy one.  Because if it’s not, than the post last time would pretty much be pointless.


You may have heard guys say, “Girls just want a man to push her around and tell her what to do.”  Of course, the guys who say this are terribly misguided.  But, at the risk of being lynched, I will say there is an undercurrent of truth to that.  What I mean is that women want a man they can look up to and trust to lead their relationship.  That’s just the way God created us to be.  There is something incredibly attractive about a man who is in control of his life (not passive or timid, in other words), is a good leader, and makes good decisions.  That is the type of man we can see ourselves serving God with and respecting for a lifetime.

Part of the reason why this is huge is that respecting your husband is soooooo utterly important to having a healthy and happy husband (guys just crave and need to feel respected).  So making sure you choose for your life-long partner one who is easy to respect is a big deal!  Also, women want to feel protected and secure.  How can we feel protected and secure if we don’t trust and respect the man in our life?  This is not to say that women don’t have any say in the relationship or that we’re supposed to all be subdued, weak housewives.  Not at all!  I’m just saying that from experience, having a husband I can completely and utterly trust and whom I know has my best interests in mind, especially when we’re dealing with serious issues or we make decisions together, is amazingly comforting.  Being able to look up to him with pride as the leader of our family is also an amazing feeling that you just can’t explain unless you’ve experienced it as well.


So…don’t settle.  There are guys like this out there.  God let me to such a man.  Pray that God will help you find one, and in the meantime, let God be the husband you can look up to, respect, and trust with your whole heart.  Because he is our ultimate Mr. Right.


~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on January 29, 2013.

One Response to “Teen Tuesday – Finding Mr. Right Part 2”

  1. What an incredibly insightful nugget of wisdom Dusty. You couldn’t have said it better. I’m so thankful I waited for my Mr. Right! Love you Chuck 🙂

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