Teen Tuesday – Why I Think Selfy Sundays Are Stupid

I didn’t intend for the alliteration in the title, but now that I read it, I think the connotation is fitting.  It sounds like I’m spitting out my words in disgust, and, well…I kind of am.


I know these daily photo things like “Selfy Sunday,” “Man Crush Monday,” “Throw-back Thursday,” etc. are all the rage right now on Twitter and Instagram.   I’m not saying I’m opposed to posting pictures on the Internet.  However, something about Selfy Sunday bothers me.  A lot.  So, if you don’t mind, I’m going to rant a bit about it.  After all, it’s my blog, so I’ll write what I want.  He, he.

(Disclaimer: Let me say right off that a lot of this will be from a Christian standpoint)

First of all, the whole posting pictures of yourself online is something that I have mixed feelings about already.  Although I’ve been guilty of doing it, I feel like it’s often a vain and self-centered way to feel good about yourself.  Of course, it depends on the pictures you post and your motivation in posting it (I’m not saying all posts of self-pics are bad), but in general, you’re putting yourself out there for people to like or comment on in hopes that you will get positive feedback.  It turns into a self-image and self-esteem thing.  This quote I read in an article about “The Selfy,” which you can read here, said, “Now that we can interact with hundreds — no, thousands — of people simultaneously, we’ve strengthened the impact that others have on our self-value,” – Dr. Letamendi.


Being a teacher and youth sponsor and having several teens as friends on Facebook, I have to keep in mind how I’m appearing or coming across online.  I think this gives me a unique perspective.  I see potential pictures and posts in the light of, “How will this make me look?” and “Does this give off a negative or un-Godly impression?”  Now, I’ve heard over and over people say, “You shouldn’t care what people think of you.”  I agree to the extent of if for some reason people just don’t like you, then yes, by all means, don’t care what people think of you.  It doesn’t define you.  So don’t internalize it.

However, as Christians, we should care a little about what people think of us in the sense that we are examples of Christ.  We wear the name of Jesus and need to remember that when others see us, knowing we’re Christians, the impressions they form about us translate into their impressions about Christ.  It may not be fair, but it’s how it is.

Therefore, when we constantly post pictures of ourselves online, it gives the impression that we’re self-centered and want people to like us and give us compliments.  Knowing God loves us isn’t enough.  We need people to affirm us as well.  That’s not where our focus should be as Christians.  To top it all off, “Selfy Sunday” is on a Sunday.  A SUNDAY!  I know, I know – Sunday is just a day and the Lord is Lord every day of the week.  But, come on.  Of all days, I think Sunday should be the day we’re reminded to humble ourselves before God…NOT a day to focus on our vanity by posting pictures of ourselves.


Okay.  I think I’m done ranting.  Feel free to post your thoughts on this mew phenomenon.  All opinions are welcome!


~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on July 2, 2013.

2 Responses to “Teen Tuesday – Why I Think Selfy Sundays Are Stupid”

  1. Well said, Dusty! I wish more people would say it.

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