Friendship and a Fun/Crazy/Funny Story

I just recently went on a trip with two other couples who happen to be our best friends.  We went to Beaver’s Bend in eastern Oklahoma and stayed at the High Lonesome Lodge – a super nice, giant, 2-story house/lodge with 3 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, a gigantic/tall living room, and a wonderful kitchen.  It also had a hot tub on the covered, wrap-around porch, a pool table in an upstairs game room overlooking the living room, horse shoes, and a pond.  We had a blast!  Relaxing and being on vacation was awesome in of itself, but spending that quality time with our friends made it that much more awesome.  There was some major bonding time and some incredible (mostly hilarious) memories we’ll have forever.  I highly recommend vacationing with your friends, even if you don’t really do much but hang out somewhere cool away from your normal surroundings and routine.

Okay, now for the fun/crazy/funny story.  Our lodge had a journal where different visitors wrote entries to whoever, or specifically to the owners, about their stay and how great it was.  We decided to write our own…  Well, I wrote it, but I had some help with ideas!  Check it out below!  And yes, I actually put all this in the journal for others to read.  🙂

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The Bandolintree Adventure

Our first full day here was Friday the 13th.  My husband and I came with two other couples.  Now, I’m not superstitious, but this has been the craziest, scariest day of our lives.  First, this morning we went on a nature trail hike around in this area…okay, it wasn’t an actual trail – we just took off into the woods.  But while we were out, thorns scraped my face, a bee stung my friend in her butt, and my husband got poison ivy in some unmentionable places.  Then on the way back to the lodge, we saw a naked man walking down the road.  Okay, that was my husband.  He’s seen too many Naked and Afraid episodes.

Later that day, we all went canoeing and found a really cool island, so we stopped to explore.  There wasn’t much there, but we did see a turtle that was just staring at us.  He didn’t run away when we approached him, so we named it Donatello and one of the guys bent to pet his head.  But Donatello bit him and wouldn’t let go of his finger.  He just kept hanging on.  Our friend eventually punched Donatello, so it would let go and fall off.  I think he may have killed it, but I’m not sure.  We didn’t stay to find out because right after that a few birds that were apparently in the trees right around us jumped off their perches and took off towards us.  We all started running back to our canoes and then left.  On our way back in the canoes somebody took a wrong turn and we got lost.  I knew we were in trouble once the water started to get loud and much more choppy.  We had paddled right to the edge of a waterfall, and since the water was moving so quickly, we couldn’t do anything but fall down it.  I busted my lip on a rock, and we couldn’t find my husband for a few minutes.  That was an awful two minutes!  We were all okay though, except for a few bruises and scrapes.

However, this is where it really got weird.  Once we all found each other, we saw something I wish I could erase from my mind.  I was the first to see the limp hand dangling from a large flat rock surrounded by grass near the edge of the water.  When we walked over to it, we found it was indeed a dead body.  That would have been bad enough, but when we looked more closely, we saw blood on the rock beneath the guy’s head.  Fresh blood.  He couldn’t have been dead for long, and he couldn’t have just washed up from the water.  We all looked at each other, all of us coming to the same conclusion, when we heard something moving in the trees near us.  Less than a minute later, we heard a diesel pickup start up and then take off.

We are all more than freaked out, and we don’t know what to do.  We’re just hanging out here at the lodge right now, talking about it.  Oh my gosh.  They’re saying a diesel truck just pulled up.  I have to go.

(In case you missed it, everything mentioned in the above story is fictional.)


~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on September 17, 2013.

2 Responses to “Friendship and a Fun/Crazy/Funny Story”

  1. I really want to virtually smack you for that. You had me going – the snapping turtle made me think though – who does something stupid like that! LOL. Great story, Dusty! Glad you had a good time.

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