Teen Tuesday – Can Freshman Think Deeply?

Can high school freshman think deeply?

My answer would be a resounding “Yes!”  Now, can ALL freshman think deeply?  To that I would have to answer, “No.”  We do several writing activities, and the responses will vary greatly from completely black and white, shallow writing to astoundingly deep, well-written, well-thought-out reflections.  The below paragraph was written by one of my students, Forrest Ransome (he said I could use his name), not for an assignment but for a friend who was having a bad day.  He said he just wrote this as he was bored.  Well, maybe he should be bored more often, because I think it’s brilliant!  It is a little dark, but it has awesome figurative language and is so deep on so many levels!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Do you ever get that feeling like your stomach is a black hole? And you can’t think strait? And suddenly you think about everything and anything you possibly can? And you feel weak? And you start to tremble? And you’re not sure if you’re sick or just flat out crazy? This feeling is called nervousness, regret, love, hate, disappointment… This is the feeling of emotion. It sinks into all of us. It leaves us wishing for death. To us or to others. The human brain will never understand this feeling… Because it’s not meant to be understood. It sinks into our bones, one way in and no way out. It coats our skin with a pale white paint. People will ask us what’s wrong… And we simply can’t answer the question. How can they understand it if we can’t? So we brush it off. And as it builds inside of us the more we feel, the more we hate, the more we love. And it leaves us with questions. Why? How? What? Questions that throughout history will never be answered. As we bury this feeling inside it digs it’s way up. Climbing up the grave of our soul. Scratching it’s way out to finally unearth itself… Again and again this process repeats. Will this ever end? For short periods of time, yes. But, we will always have this feeling, buried deep inside our corpses. Just to be re-animated and it will rule our minds once again.



~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on October 23, 2013.

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