Teen Tuesday – Women Objectification to Exploitation

I recently worked with a student on a video for the Girls Impact the World film festival competition. It was titled, Objectification to Exploitation and explored the link between the way women are portrayed in the media  to pornography and then to sex trafficking. It was an amazing experience and I think we did a pretty good job with the very short time frame we were given.

The issue of women in the media is dear to my heart. I actually wrote and read a poem for the video called, “TV, TV, On the Wall.” It attempts to tackle the same link between the media and sex trafficking. There’s a longer version, too, but I’m including the shortened one below. The link to our video is below as well – just click on the picture of the guy at the car (he was supposed to be the sex trafficker, although that didn’t exactly make sense after the editing process. Lol!) Check it out!


“TV, TV, On the Wall”

7312-girl watching tv 2.220w.tn

TV, TV, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

“Not you. It will never be you.

But you should still try.”

And try we did.


We scoured magazines, gazed at ads, watched TV shows, movies, commercials, and music videos until the perfected images of touched-up models and actresses were seared into our minds reminding us we were nothing but mere objects meant for beauty.


Surely they didn’t know that their distorted promises of love, beauty, and power would actually make us feel unloved, ugly, and powerless.

Surely they didn’t know that we would squander half our lives

worrying over standards we could never reach.

Surely they didn’t know about the tears we would cry,

the anxiety we would feel,

the meals we would skip or purge,

the standards we would throw away.

Surely they didn’t know about the ideals that would be perverted,

the self-images that would be mangled,

the wills that would be broken…


On second thought…

maybe they did.

Because women who feel ugly, incomplete, and inadequate

Are much easier to abuse, manipulate, and exploit.


Because as hard as we try, we are often only as strong on the inside as you make us feel on the outside.



~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on February 11, 2014.

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