Flower Garden 1st Birthday Party Theme!

If you didn’t know, we have a foster daughter and she just turned one. Since we have no other children and we’ve had her since she was 2 months old, we think of her as our own. Add to that my Type A personality and my creativity, and…well…I went a little crazy. Too much Pinterest and not enough time!!!

I wanted to show you the fruits of my labor and maybe give you some ideas for your little one’s birthday party. (By the way, her name is erased from the photos and her face is stickered out on one for privacy-sake…which, by the way, really blows because she is the most adorable baby ever! Anyway, to the pictures.

First, an over view of the table. I went with pink, purple, and green for the colors and flower garden/butterflies for the theme. The little cups on the left are mini dirt cakes with gummy worms for the whole garden theme. You also probably can’t see a platter of carrots arranged like a flower around a dish of dip with a celery stem. For the fruit, I chose purple and green grapes and pink lady apples to represent all 3 colors.

Angel birthday party table with poms (no name)

In the picture below you can also see the crackers and flower-shaped cheese (I borrowed a friend’s mini flower cookie cutter). The You Are My Sunshine sign was a present I made for her since I sing that song to her every night at bedtime. 🙂

Angel birthday party table closeup

Below is a closeup of the flower and butterfly cookies. We did this instead of serving cake to everybody. That way they could serve themselves, and we didn’t have to worry about cutting it! I stuck them in a bunch of things all over the table. This was just a basket with styrofoam blocks covered in green shredded paper for gifting to look like grass (I used hot glue to stick bunches of it to the blocks at a time). I also stuck the cookies in mason jars and the 2 giant goblets my husband and I used at our wedding for our toast! All were decorated with purple, pink, and green ribbon and flowers (plucked from artificial flower bunches found at the Dollar tree!). Hot glue was seriously my best friend.

Angel birthday party cookies

I had seen the first year chalkboard sign on Pinterest and thought it was too cool of an idea to not do and made a great centerpiece! I used chalkboard vinyl found at Hobby Lobby stuck on foam board. Hobby Lobby also has bistro chalk markers that wash off with water but look amazing! You can see my husband’s wonderful cake he personally made here too. We decapitated the bear and placed the head on our little girl’s high chair for her smash cake. Lol! My husband tried to give her the whole thing, but I didn’t want to waste all the cake underneath. Call me cheap I guess. 🙂

Angel birthday party sign and cake (no name)

Okay, now I’m going to brag on myself a little for coming up with this next game idea on my own. Pretty much everything else was found on Pinterest. I wanted people to actually read the sign, so I came up with a game called, “Are you (child’s name)’s favorite?” I placed a small sign by the large information sign that said, “Give yourself a point for each item on the poster you’ve witnessed.” It also said to add a point for the following: She’s fallen asleep in your arms. You’ve taken a picture of her. You have babysat her. You’ve changed her diaper. You’ve fed her. Then they wrote their name on a piece of paper with their total points and stuck it in a small bowl. You could easily do this as a formal game and read through a list, but since some people are there more for the parents and haven’t been able to spend much time with the little one, it may make them feel bad or awkward. Either way would be fine though. It was kind of a fun competition among family and friends, and I gave the winner (my sister) a small prize.

Angel birthday party table closeup 2

Okay, last but not least…the high chair. I went to another birthday party a week before hers and saw their high chair wrapped in a pink tutu. I loved the idea, but I decided to do a DIY one made out of green tulle and ribbon with flowers glued on it for the flower garden theme.

Angel cake arms out (butterfly face)First birthday parties are a lot of work, but the payoff is so worth it! Seeing my mother’s house flooded with people who care about us and our little girl, bringing gifts for her and taking turns holding and loving on her, was very humbling. We are truly blessed!


~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on February 13, 2014.

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  1. Awesome party , Dusty!!

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