For Those in the Valley

Everyone goes through the valley at one point or another, but for some it’s a very familiar place. Some have even been in the valley so long, they can barely remember what it looks like on the outside. I’ve been in the middle of my valley for almost five months now, and the trenches keep getting deeper and deeper. But this valley is not the end. There is life on the other side. We may not know how long it will take to get there, but we will eventually make it!


“In the Valley”

In the valley you find us bleeding.
In the valley you see our tears.
In the valley you walk beside us
And give us strength to face our fears.

Valley Scar Closer

It’s in the valley where you’re most visible.
Your blazing glory shames the night.
For in the valley we realize our weakness
Gives you space to show your true might.


By your grace we’ll reach the other side.
Then we’ll turn around and finally see
That with our blood and tears you painted a masterpiece,
And through its beauty we’ll be set free.



~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on July 4, 2014.

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