Shadow Eyes former reviews

I’m cleaning up my blog and decided instead of having a page for book reviews, I’d just do a post with some of my favorites from long, long ago when it was first published by Musa Publishing. However, probably my all-time favorite is one on complete with pictures, gifs, emotion, and humor. 🙂 Read it here!

Can’t wait for the re-release! It’ll most likely be September 2nd, but it’s not set in stone yet. 🙂

This is the former cover – working on getting an updated one for the release!

Shadow Eyes official cover art

Melissa Owens (Melissa’s bookshelf) – I stayed up until after 2:00 am to finish Shadow Eyes. I simply could not put this debut book down, even though I will admit I was tired and so ready to go to sleep. I just had to find out what was going to happen to Iris and her family, not to mention everyone else who was constantly affected by these spooky, evil shadows that Iris was seeing. Of course, we don’t actually have all of those pressing questions answered; the end of Shadow Eyes is quite a cliffhanger.

I was really impressed with the cast of characters in this book. I thought this bunch of high schoolers was very realistically portrayed, down to their emotions and actions. Iris does come across as a rather weak female lead at times, though she does have her own kind of strength that finally really comes through towards the end. Her friends Lexi and Nicole actually reminded me of a couple of girls I went to high school with. And then there is the obligatory attractive male teacher that every girl has a bit of a crush on, but is there more to Mr. Delaney than meets the eye? When it came to some of the more intriguing characters, I knew something was up, but I just wasn’t sure what it was going to be.

What really drives the story and makes you want to keep turning the pages (or tapping the right side of your e-reader screen, as I did) is the desire to find out just what it is that happened to Iris that causes her to see these shadows. A tragic event is hinted at many times, but not until the end do we learn what has happened to Iris. The story twists and turns and I the big plot twist towards the end was one I didn’t see coming. And make no mistake, Shadow Eyes deals with some pretty intense issues that I am sure many people like Iris (and her family, in some instances) face every day. This isn’t some fluff paranormal adventure that we are dealing with here, which makes it a refreshing read.

I highly recommend Shadow Eyes. I think Dusty Crabtree’s writing will captivate you and Iris’ story will keep you up late into the night as it did me — unless you are lucky enough to be able to spend your day reading it!

Nancy Erikson (Goodreads) – [shortened] This first-person YA novel was a quick one to read but had a lot of thought-provoking ideas as well. Could people’s actions be caused by shadows from places below us? Could they be trying to take control? How do we stop them? What can one 17-yr-old do?
For a first novel, this one was a treasure. Hopefully there will be more like it because I’m not really sure that Iris and crew are ready to be “shelved!”

Wendy Hines (Minding Spot) – Crabtree’s debut will keep you up late immersed in a world of secrets, shadows and mystery. Not only are the characters modern and realistic, but they are bright, unique and palpable. What drove me to keep turning the pages beyond the great writing and characters, though, is the purpose of discovering what happened to Iris in her past to give her this rare affinity to see the shadows.

How Iris adjusts her life with the shadows, the glowing light figures and the addition of peer pressure is a testament to her inner-strength. Her friends really are great support for her and although sometimes teens will do as teens do, there are many messages within Shadow Eyes to relate to the teenage reader. However, as an adult, I found myself enthralled with the storyline and can’t wait for the next in the series. And just a warning – big cliffhanger! Love em and hate em! Dusty Crabtree has ensconced herself firmly in the young adult genre and I can’t wait to see what she has in store next!

Tana Rae (Tana Rae Reads) – Dusty Crabtree is a new and upcoming author, I was thrilled to read and review her novel Shadow Eyes. The cover, concept and the book description pulled me in and I knew I had to read this. Dusty’s writing is easy to read and her words flowed seamlessly, I truly enjoyed this novel and Dusty’s writing technique. I actually had a few books to read ahead of this book but my mistake was picking it up and taking a look through it, which then caused me not to put it down. The character descriptions are done well I found you really got to know the main characters which help you connect and feel for Iris. The plot is good and like I said it had me to where I couldn’t put the book down as I wanted to know what was going to happen. You know when your reading a book and you want to peak at the end so you have all the answers, that is what this novel was like for me…

I gave Shadow Eyes 4 stars; all I can truly say without giving away any spoilers is you must read this book. Shadow Eyes was a great read and I was so glad to find out what in the world was going on, the suspense almost killed me and I struggled not reading the end.

This book just kept getting better and worse all at the same time. Worse only because I really wanted to know what was going to happen. So many times I was considering reading the ending.I will recommend this book to all my friends and I look forward to reading anything Dusty Crabtree writes.

Jill Marie (Little Hyuts) – What a fabulous debut novel for Dusty! She is a promising up and coming author and her writing flows wonderfully. Shadow Eyes is a captivating and exciting story fit for any reader.
This book kept me up! The plot and characters were so compelling, I just had to find out what was going to happen. You know a book is well written and all around great if you can’t stop reading until you reach the end.  Shadow Eyes is full of mystery and constant guessing. I had a million and one questions buzzing through my head while I was reading, which made it quite enjoyable.
This book depicts the evil that is at work every day in a unique and thought provoking way. It raises the question; why do people do the things they do?
Iris is a strong and well developed main character, even though she is often plagued with guilt and anxiety about a past she doesn’t want to face. I enjoyed watching Iris grow as a person and eventually gain a new perspective on life, both mentally and spiritually.
Many of the situations she faces are ones teens face everyday. Showing how devastating things like peer pressure can be makes this book easily relatable for young adults.  The messages in this book are important ones and I like reading a book with a strong positive message. I hope other readers will be somewhat enlightened by Dusty’s perspectives as well.  It was good to know that the light is always there for those who choose it.
I loved Kyra’s character and Patrick’s too. I was really rooting for Patrick to not be the bad guy. He was so charming and I felt Iris needed someone to care for her.
I am definitely looking forward to finding out how Iris handles her growing gift and what the shadows are planning next. I am hoping the sequel isn’t too far off!  I will be recommending Shadow Eyes to anyone looking for a unique and somewhat supernatural book.

Lila Lickel (Reflections in Hindsight) – [shortened]  Excellent story for the YA crowd, junior-high age and up, who love the slightly weird, fantastical stories that are all the rage right now.

Told in page-turning first-person format, you’ll want to block off a whole evening to yourself for this story. I agree with other reviewers: this is one great read for pretty much any age. I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to reading other books by this author.

Luke Swanson (Amazon) – Dusty Crabtree has planted her flag, and I hope it stays there for a long time.
This book is great, with a concept that makes you delve into your personal life and a plot that makes you continue turning to the next page. Iris, our heroine, is witty and troubled, making her a fun person to “be” in the 1st person format. There are quite a few secondary characters, namely Kyra and Hanna, all of which add to Iris’s journey. Just when you think you’re at rock bottom, things get even more concerning. I cannot lie; I nearly shed a tear, and I RARELY do that. Long story short, read this novel. It’s fun, engaging, and eye-opening. Bravo, Mrs. Crabtree. Bravo.

Erin Flax (Amazon) – This book touches you on so many levels. On the surface this book is a thrilling and suspenseful page turner that you just can’t get enough of. Dusty’s writing has a way of making you feel all of the lead character’s emotions. But if you allow yourself to go even deeper into the story you will find that it can profoundly affect the way you live your life. It makes you contemplate the possibility of something supernatural going on around us that we just can’t see. This possible reality makes the book even more powerful and brought me to tears a few times with many goose bumps and gasps along the way as well. Although it is classified as a Young Adult book, it appeals to a wide range of readers. For example I am 36 and I absolutely loved it.

Alexis Evans (Amazon) – Curl up on your favorite couch, or even in your bed, and start reading the newly released book shadow Eyes by YA author Dusty Crabtree.

Dusty has an intriguing writing style that entices the teenage mind. Her sophisticated, yet understandable, word use makes the story easy for non-readers to follow, but it’s not too simplistic. The characters are fictional, but they’re definitely believable and realistic.

Although Iris is an exceptional person with a unique talent, she faces the same hardships as teenagers today. Struggling with the choice between right and wrong, facing peer pressure, and even being influenced by the use of alcohol and drugs, Iris tries to do what’s right, without losing her ‘friends’.

Throughout the novel, there were parts that really took me back. The struggles Iris has to deal with are extremely personal and can sometimes be too much to bear. Relationship troubles, loss of friends, divorce, and puberty are what teenagers think about while they’re drifting off to sleep at night, when they lose all hope and feel that they’re alone. These are the types of issues Iris, like other young people, has a hard time with on a daily basis.

In addition to authenticity of teenage life, the imagery throughout the novel is appealing to all five senses, making you feel as if you’re actually there with Iris, seeing what she sees and feeling the emotions that always seem to be rushing through her. Just chapters into the book, I already felt like I was there, enveloped in the life of Iris Kohl and friends.

Shadow Eyes is definitely a must read for teenagers and young adults. Once you finish the first page, you won’t be able to put it down until the last word.

Darrell Van Leer (Amazon) – Thank you! Finally a book for young adults that doesn’t paint evil creatures as something to be desired. Evil is ugly and should not be glorified. I am a mother of a young teenager and this is definitely a book I will encourage her to read as she hits high school age. I love that the main girl characters are good kids. It is so refreshing to read a book that is not centered around mean girls and boys or kids that are up to no good. I love the way that this book shows there are forces out there that can influence us in negative ways and that we have a choice to follow them or not. The book itself grabs you quick and keeps you hooked the whole way through. I am not a fast reader, but I couldn’t put it down and finished it in less than a week. Thank you for sharing this story and I look forward to a sequel.
Sabrina (Amazon) – Absolutely loved it. I found myself reading for hours late at night. It was easy to follow, and such a captivating storyline. Can’t wait for the next.
Randy Williams (Amazon) – Awesome book! Picked it up at 7 in the evening and didn’t put it back down till I finished reading at 2 am. The way the author introduces the characters draws you in from the beginning and never lets go. I would recommend this book to anyone, male or female. I’m a 22 year old big bearded man (haha) and I found the protagonist still very relatable. Buy this book and tell your friends! Simply awesome!

~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on June 30, 2016.

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