Re-release Date!

I’m happy to announce a re-release date for Shadow Eyes – September 2nd!

Shadow Eyes new cover

(Note: For those who’ve already read Shadow Eyes and have been waiting patiently – or impatiently – for the sequel, be excited because this means the sequel will finally be released too! I’m hoping for some time around Christmas for that one.)

I’ve been working on getting more reviews and asking old reviewers and bloggers to host me again for a 3-week book blog tour that will take place from Sunday, August 21st to Saturday, September 10th.

And there will be prizes! There will be a rafflecopter giveaway of a signed print copy and a $50 Amazon gift card! Many of the blogs will host an ebook giveaway for the individual posts on their sites as well.


For those of you looking to self-publish, let me first of all strongly encourage you to do a blog tour around your release. But also let me warn you it takes a lot of work! I’m lucky this time around in that I already have several contacts from the last time I did a blog tour. So that’s helped…but it’s still a lot of work. And it will continue to be a lot of work until it’s all over. I will say it is fun though! I remember the last time writing up posts, reading reviews of the book, interacting with blog commenters. Good times.

Well, for now, get ready to be pummeled with more posts here and then a whole slew of posts and reviews elsewhere to look forward to.


~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on July 28, 2016.

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