Why Is Dystopian Fiction So Popular?

If you haven’t noticed, dystopian novels (and movies) are all the rage these days. I’m a huge fan of the genre, as are so many others. But what’s so intriguing about these stories?

dystopia (1)

I think there are quite a few reasons actually. For one thing, a dystopian story is chock full of mystery and suspense. Since a dystopian society is unchartered territory where technically anything can happen, the reader doesn’t often see what’s coming. An author can do a lot of unexpected things within the loose boundaries of a dystopian world, and that’s always exciting for a reader.

Another cool thing about dystopian novels is the crazy dynamics of the characters. Again, with a dystopian scenario, relationships may be very unique and interesting because of the societies they live in and the weird, sometimes unpleasant, things they have to endure. Then again, they are still human (it’s not a fantasy), so we can still relate to them on some level. In that regard, it’s a good middle-ground between fantasy and realistic fiction.

Lastly, it gives us hope for our society. Either we realize ours compared to theirs isn’t so bad after all, and/or we get to see a horrible, distorted, corrupt society somehow become better. Or in the very least, we see a resolution or even a vindication for everything the characters went through. It gives us hope that even if our society gets as bad as theirs (if it’s not already there), humanity still has the ability to wake up, turn around, and start over.

Yes, this English teacher brain is thinking about Fahrenheit 451. Lol.


FYI – My review of the dystopian series The Selection will come shortly. 🙂



~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on August 4, 2016.

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