I Survived the Summer with 5 Kids!

Well, today is it. Teachers have to go back for professional development tomorrow, so my summer is officially over.


Do you know what that means……? Do you?! The kids go back to daycare during the day!

While other teachers are all dreading going back to school and their summers being over, I’m here with mixed emotions. In truth…they’re mostly positive.


I understand as a mother that sounds bad. Parents around the world gasp in shock that a mom would admit to being happy about going back to work, away from her kids. Shouldn’t moms want to be around their kids as much as possible? Shouldn’t they savor the moments they get with them and be upset when their summer with them is coming to a close?

Well, sure. And I do. But I also know that I am not meant to be a stay at home mom. And that’s okay. God put me here for these 5 precious foster kids for a reason, for such a time as this. And He equipped me to take care of them without going insane during the summer. But he also put me here to teach. So I’m not going to feel guilty about looking forward to going back.

Of course there are negatives too – I won’t get to sleep in (however, due to my going to bed late and my kids not sleeping in much past 7, total sleep time won’t be too different); I won’t have quite as much free time (however, I didn’t get that much anyway with taking care of 5 kids); I’ll have much more stuff to have to worry and think about with teaching (however, not all of that is bad).

No matter what my emotions of going back to school are, I feel like my surviving the summer with 5 kids, all 6 and under, is quite the accomplishment! I mean, seriously! I’m not kidding when I say I was quite concerned going into it. I even considered, early on, getting a part-time job or something just to have a little time away. But we made it work!


I didn’t go completely crazy…though I had my moments of insanity…quite a few of them actually.

I didn’t kill any of the children…though there were several times I’d wished there wasn’t a “no spanking” rule with DHS. 🙂

All of the kids survived intact…though there were a few minor scrapes and bruises…not caused by me, I promise. Lol.

And I didn’t become an alcoholic…though I did let myself enjoy a few adult beverages after a long, frustrating day.

I’d say that’s a win!



~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on August 8, 2016.

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