Sequel Title Reveal!

For whatever reason…call it tactics…I have been keeping the title of the sequel to Shadow Eyes a secret.


Well, those days of secrecy are over! Today, I announce to the world (or just the few people who read this blog…) the title that I’ve had in mind for this sequel almost since I started writing it. Which was a very long time ago!

Since the release date is set for March 10th, I figured I’d better get the show on the road and divulge the title already. So without further delay…




The cover reveal will be coming soon, but as you can see, there will be some definite similarities. I fell in love with this font that I used for Shadow Eyes the moment I found it, and I love it in this title too!

For those who’ve read Shadow Eyes, hopefully you’ll understand the meaning behind the title. You know…based on what happens to Iris at the very end of the book…Ahem. (Have I mentioned it’s really hard to talk about the sequel without giving spoilers of the first book?)

I wanted the titles in this series to all be similar in structure and sound but also represent the main idea or plot of the story, as well as some deeper meanings. Every title does and will do that. (Yes, I already know the title for the 3rd book and have the outline ready, too.)


Stay tuned for the Tagline and Synopsis Reveal for Luminous Spirits coming soon!


~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on February 21, 2017.

2 Responses to “Sequel Title Reveal!”

  1. Love it, Dusty!

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