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Marketing the Shadow Eyes series is an interesting and challenging venture. The series fits under many “umbrellas,” which helps in some ways when trying to find readers.

The easy part is that it’s a young adult novel, which is such a rapidly growing genre, appealing to ages way beyond the teenage years. I’ve had women pushing 70 that read and loved Shadow Eyes, and I know of several “grandmas” that regularly read young adult fiction. The genre is a lovely balance of entertainment rivaling any popular movie or TV show and deep meaning with themes that relate to anyone, not just teens.


The Shadow Eyes series is also classified as Urban Fantasy, so readers who generally like supernatural/paranormal/fantasy elements that are set in a realistic world they can relate to will probably to enjoy it. Think The Mortal Instruments (City of Bones), Supernatural, Twilight, Teen Wolf, and Buffy (for those who go way back…). This genre is one of my favorites (dystopian is the other!) because it allows us to delve into fantastical characters, ideas, and events that would be impossible in our lives, but it’s not so out there like typical fantasy that we can’t easily imagine ourselves as the protagonist. Because, let’s face it, putting yourself in the protagonist’s shoes and living vicariously through her/him is one of the best parts of reading!

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The thing that SETS THIS SERIES APART from others, however, is the SPIRITUAL YET EDGY aspect. The Shadow Eyes series is not what you’d call Christian fiction (it’s a little too racy for that, honestly, and it doesn’t say anything overtly religious), but it does have spiritual undertones by the nature of the plot of shadows and light figures (demons and angels) and by the way I chose to portray this world and how the characters interact in it. I believe my stories are just as intriguing and edgy as most popular young adult books, but they have an added spiritual and moral undertone. My goal was not to preach to kids but to give young people (and old) a genre they could read that uplifted and influenced them in a positive way instead of encouraging or condoning typically-accepted bad behaviors. The classic theme of good versus evil shines through this series, and that’s something anyone can relate to. I’m excited to continue writing in this unique crossover genre – Edgy YA Spiritual Urban Fantasy – in future series as well.


Image Copyrighted – Eti Swinford, Dreamstime

So read it for your own enjoyment and/or give it to a friend, daughter, granddaughter, or niece (guys enjoy it too but it is a little more geared towards girls/women).

CONTENT WARNING: Just know that there is some content, in the first book more so, that is PG-13. You may want to be cautious recommending it to anyone under 14/15, though, depending on what they’ve already read.

Check out the Shadow Eyes series page for the synopses of both books, or click on the links on the side.


~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on March 15, 2017.

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