Fever (Wither #2) – YA Dystopian Book Review

I’m enjoying this series because I love a good dystopian story, and I’m anxiously waiting for the resolution in the 3rd and final book of this trilogy. Check out my review of Wither here.


I will say, though, that while this second book, Fever, was still a good read, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did the first. As is the case in some 2nd or middle books of a series, you find yourself kind of in that in-between stage of initial action and climax. It’s not quite as intriguing because you’re already familiar with the storyline and the conflict is already established, but you’re not quite to the climax of the series yet. That generally happens in the 3rd and final book. So there you are in that slow-moving, melancholy state, when you’d really just like to get the show going and see what will ultimately happen.


At least that’s how I felt with this book. I remember thinking the same thing with the 2nd book in the Twilight series and a few others. I didn’t think that in several other series, though, like The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner, etc., so it’s not impossible to keep the momentum going.

I think part of the issue is that much of the book dealt with the narrator, Rhine, being either drugged and hallucinating, very sick and out of it, or very depressed and out of it.  Or all of the above at once. It got a little repetitive, but not too bad. I think the author did okay with using different descriptions and phrases most of the time, but it did get kind of melancholy and slow. I wanted action and scenes where I could imagine what’s happening, and instead there was a lot of inner monologue about her emotions, what she was going to do or wanted to do, and the crazy things going on inside of her groggy/hallucinatory head. With so much abstract, hard-to-grasp stuff, I became kind of lost at times. Not confused lost, but just…lost. Which is probably what the author was going for – for us to go with Rhine in her trippy, in and out of consciousness state. I just didn’t like to stay there or go back there that often.


Aside from that, like I said, I still enjoyed the book and got through it fairly quickly. I’m still enjoying the series and can’t wait for the end. I’ll let you know what I think when I get there. Until then, happy reading!


~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on April 29, 2017.

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