Summer Reading Recommendations!

If you’re a teacher or a student, you know that summer is the best time of year to catch up on your TBR list…or add some to it and read those instead.


Either way, there’s more time to read, and I always love to read books that people have recommended to me. So here are a few recommendations from me to you (all Young Adult, btw, because that’s how I roll)! Many you’ve heard of and maybe already read, but a few others probably not. I didn’t include The Hunger Games, Divergent, or The Maze Runner, because, well, those are a given.

Click on the title to go to the Goodreads page of the first book of that series so you can read the synopsis and check out reviews.

  1. The Unwind Series (Dystopian)- See my review here. You’ve probably already heard of this series too, but Neal Shusterman is probably my favorite author. The way each of his many characters has such a unique voice amazes me, and his stories are so deep and engaging! If you want your mind blown by some very well-written, super deep stuff, then check out this dystopian series! img_1673 2
  2. Timebound Series (Fantasy/Time Travel)- This series by Rysa Walker is one that sort of fell in my kindle lap so to speak. I’m not sure how this independent author managed to download her book onto my kindle without me asking for it, but props to her because it made me buy and read the others in the series of 3. If you’re into time travel books, this is good one. I rated it a 4 out of 5, so it wasn’t my absolute favorite series, and the last one dragged a bit. However, the premise was still very interesting and the writing engaging. The author kept me wanting more, so that deserves a recommendation in my book. 18108877.jpg
  3. The Heroes of Olympus series (Fantasy/Mythology) – For those who don’t know, this is a spin off series by Rick Riordan from the Percy Jackson series about Greek gods and goddesses and modern day demigod heroes. The Percy Jackson series was great, but this series is even better. Like Harry Potter, I think all of these books sort of grew with their audience. Percy Jackson seemed to be geared more towards middle school, and the Heroes of Olympus series feels more like typical YA. Rick Riordan has a hilarious style of writing that is easy and fun to read and his stories are just plain entertaining. If you want something adventurous and enjoyable, check out this series! heroes-of-olympus.jpg
  4. The Daughters of Zeus series (Fantasy/Mythology/Paranormal) – This one is a hidden gem that I only know of because my first novel was originally published by the same Publishing company as Persephone. We exchanged reviews early on, and I must say I quite enjoyed this series, giving all 3 books 5 stars! It’s a nice mix between Percy Jackson with cool stuff about Greek gods and goddesses and other popular YA series with a female protagonist. It’s exciting but still relatable and has an interesting love story. You’ll want to check it out! See my review of Persephone here!persephone-600x900x300-2 2.jpg
  5. The First Frost series (Fantasy/Fairy Tale Retelling) – Here’s another series I know of because the author, Liz DeJesus, started out at Musa Publishing with me as well. If you’re into fairy tale retellings and being a kid again but in a more grown up way (Bianca has some sass and a little bit of a mouth on her, lol), then check out this fun series! Check out my review here.15700479.jpg
  6. The Last Timekeepers series (Fantasy/Middle Grade) – One more gem from my Musa days. Read my review of the first book here. This book was super fun and especially great for middle school age or a little younger even! If you like time travel, fantasy, and Medieval Times, then put this one on your list! 13613004.jpg
  7. The Delirium series (Dystopian) – This amazing series by Lauren Oliver was very entertaining, exciting, and intriguing and a great dystopian series about a society where love is considered a disease and everyone gets a “cure” at 18 when they’re old enough for it. Interesting premise, for sure! I will warn you, though, the last book ends kind of stupidly. I don’t want to say more so as to not give anything away, but let’s just say I was pretty frustrated with a choice the author made. Lol. bookcover_home_delirium.jpg
  8. Lady Audley’s Secret (Classic/19th Century Lit) – If you like books/movies/stories in the vein of Pride and Prejudice (who doesn’t love Mr. Darcy!), you may like this classic as well! This book by Mary Elizabeth Braddon is a little darker than the well-loved and light-hearted Jane Austin classic, but it’s definitely a page-turner! It’s almost like a 19th century soap opera! I had to read it in college, but it was one of my favorites. So if you like the Victorian era and/or want to branch out while still being entertained, give this one a chance. 51iseeP2+-L.jpg
  9. The Hush Hush series (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance) – This was one of my first favorites when I first started writing. Back when fallen angels were all the rage (after the vampire craze and before the dystopian craze), this series was on or near the top of the charts, so you may have read it. If you missed it, though, you should definitely give it a shot! The whole series was pretty interesting and I fell in love with Becca Fitzpatrick’s writing style. It’s very easy to read and flows beautifully. I actually learned a lot about writing style from her books, so props to her for helping me out! the-complete-hush-hush-saga-9781471121616_hr
  10. The Shadow Eyes series (Urban Fantasy) – Okay, obviously this is a given recommendation from me since I wrote it, lol, but I figured it was worth putting on the list. Forgive me for my shameless self-promoting… In short, the series is about a girl who sees angels and demons when no one else can. If you like urban fantasy, angels (not the fallen angel boyfriend kind, though), spiritual things, and mystery that keeps you turning the pages well into the night, check it out! See my Shadow Eyes series page here for more info on both the first and second book. FYI, the third one is in the works! Shadow Eyes new cover

~ by Dusty Crabtree - Author of Shadow Eyes on June 1, 2017.

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