I would LOVE to hear from you! If you’re a reader wanting to ask or talk about my book, a teen wanting to chat about life or issues they’re dealing with, a parent or other adult who shares the passion I do for teens and their moral well-being in a society that challenges it daily, a fellow writer with comments/questions/advice, or anyone else who simply wants to reach out, feel free to contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you!


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11 Responses to “Contact”

  1. So anxious for its release in Feb.

  2. Congratulations on the publishing of your book. You have opened a new chapter in your life. I can’t wait to read Shadow Eyes, just the title alone sounds intriguing and makes you want to read it. Best wishes.

  3. Two chapters in, and I am already spellbound. Iris is fun to “be” in 1st person, and the internal/external demons are facinating. Because it’s true: something whispers in your ear, telling you to do wrong. Great concept, great writing so far, I can’t wait to continue!

  4. Just finished reading and I am so anxious to read the next installment! I love the struggle between light and dark and the struggles that are facing our youth in particular.

  5. Two of my students chose to read Shadow Eyes for their next book in READ 180. I can’t wait to see what they think of it!

  6. Yea! I’m excited too!

  7. I loved the book! I am 23 and couldnt put it down! I was delighted with how true to life the situations (minus the shadows and light) actually were! I remember being in high school and feeling torn between the good and bad, just like Iris! Such a great read! MAKE YOURE TEENAGE DAUGHTER READ THIS!!!! Help them understand its okay not to give in to peer pressure!

  8. Looks like a winner, Dusty! Congratulations on your book lauch, and success on your further endeavoes. Do we see a sequel in your future?


    C.K. Garner

  9. Just a reminder Dusty; I owe you a copy of Stealing Time for winning the Memorial Day Bloghop giveaway. It releases in three days, and from there I’ll figure out how to send it to you! New experiences every day. 🙂

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